Meeting 15th January 2018 – Data Realisation

15th January 2018 – Data realisation

13:00 – 14:00 Room G1, 7 Priory Road

Prof Anthony Head from Bath Spa University visited us to discuss approaches to data visualisation, multi sensory representation of data, art and audience. He also explained his recent data vis project for SPHERE, where he created a 3D representation of the house where Uni of Bristol researchers conducted with sensor experiments.

Meeting 28th November 2017

28th November 2017 – Visualisation lab

13.00-14.00  – Seminar Room, Beacon House Study Centre

This session was a visualisation lab. This type of session gives the group space for us to all talk or work on ideas, form groups or chat generally about all things “viz”.
In addition to this we explored if there was any interest to form a group for the JGI data visualisation challenge ––2018/.

Meeting 2nd November 2017

2nd November 2017 – The art of the possible in data visualisation

13.00-14.00 – Seminar Room, Beacon House Study Centre

Run by John Kellas

This session included a presentation on cutting-edge visualisation technologies and open source frameworks that can enrich the aesthetic and information communication possibilities. Through horizon scanning, and insight into D3, Cesium, Visual.Tools and Noomap – a range of possibilities in data and information visualisation were explored.
The session had some interactive group work, where we explored what can be done with today’s technologies – in relation to the data that session participants were working with. There is not a one size / solution fits all for visualisation projects, and through consideration of appropriate tools for specific projects, we will advance a collective knowledge base of the art of the possible.
The session was run by guest facilitator and data visualisation expert John Kellas (FRSA, MSc Community Education). John is contracted as an Innovation and Community Engagement Consultant with the Bristol Health Partners and has also been working with Christopher Reay and a team of community volunteers to develop a new open-source visualisation toolkit and data modeling engine Visual.Tools / This Equals over the last 6 years