Talk by Coral Manton – November 2019

In November 2019 we had Dr Coral Manton from Bath Spa University speak to the group:

Algorave live-coding, AI activisim and historical visualisation with Coral Manton

Algoraves are about dancing to live music and visuals made with code.

Coral Manton is an interdisciplinary artist, game developer and technologist with a specialism in data visualisation, interactive design, VR/Mixed-Reality, immersive experiences and live-coding. She is Lecturer in Creative Computing at Bath Spa University.

Coral gave a talk on live-coding music and visuals using open-source software, and present two recent projects, a design activism project, Women Reclaiming AI and a historical visualisation prototype she has created for the SWCTN. She also included a short workshop in making music and visuals with code – as a taster to algorave.

Take a look at Run the code: is algorave the future of dance music?

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