Atmospheric quality data visualisation labs – May and June 2018

Our second data lab for 2018 used Atmospheric quality data provided by Guy Barkley from Atmotech.

24th May 2018 – Atmospheric quality data visualisation lab (1)

Guy Barkley from Atmotech introduced us to the work they do and the time-series data he kindly provided for the group on atmospheric quality.

Atmotech is an air quality services business. They deploy IoT sensor modules around sites and present the data to clients – ‘building a picture of air quality’ – in addition to professional services to help improve air quality on site and ultimately reduce exposure to our clients’ staff. They are interested in novel and intuitive methods of displaying our data, which readily engage people and facilitate understanding.

We asked the group to use this data to create data visualisations (as teams or individuals), which will then be presented in a follow-up session to skill-share and learn.


7th June 2018 – Atmospheric quality data visualisation (2)

This second session is the follow-up session of the data viz lab. Here, those who had created some visualisations on the atmospheric data presented their work to the group, followed by a discussion of the works and the tools used.