28th September 2020 – Online seminars on health visualisation

On 28th September 2020 we held out first online data visualisation session, with the following 2 talks:

Talk 1: “Mapping community resilience and vulnerability during the COVID-19 pandemic. ” Nina Di Cara (Population Health Sciences, UoB)

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK there was a need to understand which communities needed the most help from the government and third-sector, as well as which communities were already supporting themselves through mutual aid efforts.

In partnership with Public Health Wales our group, the Dynamic Genetics lab, developed a novel visualisation of need and support in Wales by drawing together multiple data sources, from administrative data to social media feeds (available at https://covidresponsemap.wales/). The map allows users to dynamically explore the distribution of vulnerability and support by combining different datasets of interest, which allows users to answer the most relevant questions to their use-case. In this talk we will discuss the process of developing the map, the tools we used, and our reflections on developing data science resources for decision making in a crisis.

Nina’s slides can be found here Nina Data Vis Group – COVID-19 Map.

Talk 2: “Using d3.js to visualise food hazards in the United Kingdom” Robert Eyre – winner of the most recent JGI data visualisation competition

No abstract – Robert will talk about the design process behind his winning visualisation for the 2020 JGI data visualisation competition, which can be seem here https://roberteyre.github.io/FSAComp/

Robert’s slides can be found here dvg_robert_eyre